Don’t Fear the IRS

In my 20+ years of dealing with taxpayers while inside of the IRS and clients while outside of the IRS, I have found that the common thought toward the IRS was/is fear. This emotion toward the IRS did not occur by chance. In the early days, the IRS courted and nurtured this emotion by carefully instilling and cultivating fear by publicizing audits, seizures and prison terms of high profile Americans and regular citizens. Even when the backlash occurred in the 1990’s with the IRS hearings before Congress, the softened stance imposed upon the IRS has not lessened the fear element. 

I counsel my clients to RESPECT but NOT FEAR the IRS. Fear paralyzes. Fear makes a husband or wife hide IRS letters from their spouse. Fear leads to stacking unopened IRS letters for years. Fear leads to hoping that it all goes away and eventually doubling or quadrupling the amount that you originally owed. Fear leads to letting an IRS clerical mistake, that could have be corrected in an hour, rob you of sleep and peace for years. Respecting the duly authorized power of the IRS, but not being paralyzed by it, leads to resolution. You have every right to call or go by an IRS office and have your issue explained or come to a doable arrangement. 8 times out of 10 you will encounter a polite, helpful and informed IRS employee. You also have the right of hiring competent representation to deal with your IRS issues for you. The associates at Serious Tax Help are willing and ready to help you with all of your IRS and state tax issues nationwide. You can call me (Allen Powell Sr.) at 678-491-4768. Reasonable fees. Tax coaching and IRS tax analysis available at reduced fees. Credit card payment and payment plans available.

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